Domestic Street Beasts – Highway Hits

August 12th, 2019

It’s time again to head out to the interstate (of Mexico) with a group of tier one street (roll) racers. These guys boast some of the baddest purpose-built roll racing machines in the nation. Saddle up!

Fresh out of the gate, we have a twin turbo Gen VI Camaro against a turbo LS Mustang (so, basically two Camaros). The Mustang falters on the hit and can’t continue. A Fox Body with a turbo Coyote motor takes his place. Looks like the Ford got him but it’s difficult to say for certain.

Next up is a closer look at the previously defunct turbo LS Mustang. Looks like a 4.8-liter Chevy V8 with an ON3 turbo kit and a Powerglide transmission. The cameraman loads up in the LS Mustang for a go at the Coyote powered Fox Body. Coyote gaps him like a whole pack of Coyotes.

Now the LS ‘Stang rolls alongside a ProCharged Gen VI Mustang. ProCharged late model FTW. Same from a second turbo Mustang.

Finally, cameraman climbs onboard a 900hp YSi supercharged Corvette. ‘Vette rolls out on a second (orange) YSi supercharged Corvette. Right out of the hole, the black car shreds the blower belt. Race over.

Tons more street racing to come. Just got to find a new ride. Ah, 5.3-liter turbo Corvette. Come here baby.

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