Doing More with Less – Budget Built Mustang

September 18th, 2019

Greetings drag racing fans and speed aficionados of every ilk. Welcome and allow me to introduce you to Turbo John and his crew from B&K Performance. Today, these guys are campaigning their built-on-a-budget Turbo Mustang Fox Body.

Today’s action is of the No Prep variety. It’s about as ‘street’ as you can get and stay legal. That means an unprepped track and (typically) no timer. Sometimes, there’s no electronic start, either.

Almost everything on this car is either used, or from a bargain basement. Turbo John is a perfect example of going fast without breaking the bank (or taking out a second mortgage). From the car, which is a retired State Trooper special from North Carolina, to the turbocharger; everything about this ride says “scavenger”. There ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Under the hood is a de-stroked small block Chevrolet 400 with a set of Pro-Filer 23-degree cylinder heads. Shortening the stroke brought the cubic inches down to 364, but the massive turbocharger takes up the slack. It is a 102-millimeter unit from Forced Inductions (Jose). The car has run a personal best of 4.83-seconds @ 149 mph (eighth-mile). Keep in mind that most No Prep tracks don’t track time.

These guys have a unique method for engine cooling between rounds. You don’t want to miss that.

There’s some really competitive passes. Turbo John seems to have a knack for driving his Mustang around people – even after he knocks the tires off and has to pedal a bit. Take a look.

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