Density Altitude (DA) Calculator

September 5th, 2008

We have launched a new Density Altitude calculator to our tools area, allowing you to easily calculate the DA for your drag racing runs. Density altitude is the altitude at which the density of the International Standard Atmosphere is the same as the density of the air being evaluated. The lower the DA, the better your car will perform, you’ll have quicker ET’s and higher trap speeds. If you’ve ever wondered why cars run so much stronger at Englishtown vs Las Vegas Motor Speedway, DA is the answer. Tracks located near sea level with low temperatures, low humidity and high barometric pressure will make your car run like a champ, while tracks in the mountains with higher temperatures, high humidity and lower barometric pressure will make you think something is wrong with your car. Between the high and low DA extremes some cars can experience a 40+ horsepower gain or loss.

Track elevation, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure are used to calculate the DA for your runs. This new tool allows you to lookup these values based on which track you were at along with the time and date and output your DA (Density Altitude). Click on the link below to try it out:

DA Calculator – Density Altitude Calculator