CTS-V Kong Blower Swap – Dyno, Street and Strip

November 22nd, 2019

Joey and the crew at Race Proven Motorsports (RPM) have built a Cadillac that kills on the street and strip. Despite being modified with some of the best performance goodies available, this video takes us through the process of a supercharger upgrade. This 2011 Cadillac CTS-V will be shedding the factory blower for a brand-new Kong 2650 blower. There is a lot to love about this product. Let’s take a look.

This cruiser already has a Texas Speed and Performance 416 cubic-inch engine with a set of LS9 cylinder heads by Advanced Induction. The camshaft is an RPM custom grind. The exhaust system is upgraded with a set of American Racing Cat Delete headers. An RPM spray methanol system keeps intake air a few degrees cooler and an RPM fuel system delivers the go-go juice. The factory blower has been ported and the lid is from a ZL1. Blower pulley upgrades include a 9-inch lower and a 2.55-inch upper. The intake manifold is an RPM 5-inch and the throttle body is a Nick Williams 102-millimeter drive-by-wire. There is a custom ice tank in the trunk and a Nitrous Outlet nitrous system. It will not be used in testing.

Only the supercharger will be swapped in this clip. The Kong 2650 feature a low-profile design, so it fits under factory hoods. The factory blower cover even fits. It has upgraded gaskets and new valley pan bolts included. The new upper pulley will be a 3-inch. There will be a dyno test before and after the blower swap.

It is now post blower swap and I am impressed. You will note that boost jumped from 15.5 psi to 21.5 psi. Before the Kong 2650, the Caddy made 860whp and 869 lb.-ft. of torque. After the blower swap, it made 1003.8whp and 933.8 lb.-ft. of torque. Wow! That is what I would consider a significant improvement. Lots of racing action on this one – dig and roll.

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