Creamsicle 1956 Chevrolet – 3000+HP Twin Turbo Monster

November 21st, 2020

Never met a car enthusiast who didn’t have a vision of their dream ride. For many, it’s the 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevrolet coupe models. Arguably, there is no model that more dramatically symbolizes the era of drive-ins, weekend cruises and drag racing as well as these “shoe-box Chevys”. Featured in this video is possibly the most pristine and bodacious example of a time in automotive history when the cars were heavy, the fins were tall, and the chrome was plentiful. Have a look.

Built for the grueling event known as Hot Rod Drag Week, with its multiple drag racing days and 1,000-mile plus roadtrip, this car is capable of posting 6-second quarter-mile passes or cruising across state lines. The first impression is that this is a beautiful car. It is an all-steel body with Chevy Orange over Bone White paint, and she weighs a smidge over 3,800-pounds. Built by Joe Barry Motorsports, this street beast is specially equipped to run street and strip where she competes in the Unlimited Class.

Under the hood, a massive 598 cubic-inch big block engine and a pair of turbochargers churn out more than 3,000hp on 27 psi of boost. The car could produce much more power, but Joe chooses to keep the output conservative to give him the edge in reliability. To date, the Creamsicle has a best elapsed time of 6.80-seconds @ 210 mph. Now, that’s fast!

Ride along as Joe bolts on the wheelie bars and takes the Creamsicle out on the street.

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