Crazy Turbo Firebird – 4000HP Street Beast

June 17th, 2020

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to the Alamo City Motorplex in Houston, Texas. Allow me to introduce Fabian Bell and his wild Pontiac Firebird, Godzilla. This twin turbocharged Poncho is one of the wildest builds that we have ever seen. Let’s take a closer look.

Under the hood is an all-aluminum big block with all the trimmings – and that’s about it. The twin turbo setup (twin 98-millimeter units) is routed through the passenger seat and out the rear windshield. Dual inlet snouts are positioned in the front windshield. This is a crazy setup and NHRA officials are unsure how to handle it. The fabrication work is done by ProSpeed Motorsports in Houston, Texas.

As Godzilla lines up for her initial pass, a trans brake issue halts the process. Fabian and crew work diligently to get the car back online and make a run.

After missing the first pass, Godzilla gets back to the line for the second pass and absolutely destroys a Fox Body Mustang. This car is fast and goes from A to B in a straight line. Nice job guys!

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