Crazy Fast Twin Turbo 1933 Dodge Truck – Drag Racing

December 7th, 2022

In this clip, we catch up with 1320 Video for War in the Woods at the Brown County Dragway in Indiana. Featured in this video is Straight Gangster, the 1933 Dodge owned by Nick Plewniak. If the street racing vibe is what you seek, this place will get your juices flowing. When the sun goes down, this venue begins to pulsate with No Prep attitude. The track is loud and crowded with spectators.

Nick draws a rowdy Camaro in the first contest. With Limpy on the light, both cars cut a clean light and launch out of the blocks. The Camaro takes the early advantage and looks to dominate. Rolling into the trap, Nick hits the scramble button and Straight Gangster throws the front tires skyward. The crowd goes wild. Camaro FTW.

In the First Round of Second Chance Races Nick takes on a sparkly blue Chevy Nova. This time he keeps Straight Gangster on the ground and takes the easy victory. With thirty-two entries in this Class, there is still plenty of racing left.

This ride is insane, and Nick is in it to win it. Enjoy the rest of the action.

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