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Coyote Capri – Fox Body Heartbreaker

After driving this super-clean Coyote swapped Mercury Capri over 100-miles to his “home track” this racer crushes the competition in the Stick Shift Class (eighth-mile) before loading up his gear for the ride back home. Now that’s what a true street race car is all about.

Under the hood of this beauty is a beast (1,000whp) of a Coyote engine with a Vortech YSi (20 psi) supercharger. A Tremec T56 Magnum gearbox with a McLeod clutch transfers all those ponies to  a stock 8.8-inch rear differential. This Merc comes out of the hole like a bullet and glides through the trap consistently – awesome car.

In round one the Coyote Capri takes on a Lime Green Mustang. I don’t think I was the only surprised at how violently the Merc left the line to take the victory.

Round two pits a turbo Mustang against the Coyote Capri. Once again, consistency pays dividends and the Fox Body gaps the ‘Stang.

The final round is an odd one as the yellow Mustang nails the light then bogs down to allow the Coyote Capri to drive around him for the win and the Stick Shift Class championship.