Corvette vs. McLaren, GT R, Viper and Mustang – Texas Street Hits TX2K20

November 11th, 2020

This clip documents what takes place when a group of rowdy competitors from the TX2K20 event get together after hours. These guys (and gals) have taken the action south of the border and to the streets for some hardcore roll racing on the interstate. Buckle up for this one!

In the first flight there is a white C7 Chevrolet Corvette with a F1A-94 ProCharger making approximately 1,100hp, a silver Nissan GT R (with Elite Prime turbos and a Shep 1K transmission) making 1,300hp, a 1,400hp twin turbo Dodge Viper and a red Nissan GT R capable of producing 1,700hp – among others.

Let’s check out the action and see who lines up first.

A pair of C7 Corvettes line up for the initial race. On the left is the white ProCharger equipped car with a blue (1,000hp) Corvette on the right. With the cameraman in the white car, it jumps out hard on the blue car before the blue car drives around him for the win.

Next, the white ‘Vette rolls out against a supercharged Ford Mustang. The Chevy spanks the Ford easily and cruises on to the next race.

It’s a race between the ProCharged (white) C7 and a modified (900+hp) Corvette ZR1 (supercharged). The ZR1 takes the early jump and holds on throughout.

Finally, the white C7 gets to try the silver Nissan GT R (1,300hp). The Corvette gets an early and fleeting jump before the Nissan demoralizes the Chevy in a lop-sided game of cat-and-mouse. Ouch!

Tons more racing on this one. Check it out.