Cornfield Throwdown – $5000 Midwest Cash Days

July 28th, 2020

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome to Midwest (Mexico) Cash Days! Twenty-four of the hardest-hitting street cars in the United States have shown up for this No Prep Throwdown on a narrow strip of blacktop that cuts like a razor through the center of a cornfield. This is single elimination dig racing with the rules you’d expect – don’t jump early, don’t be first to cross the center line and cross the finish line before the other guy. Let’s take a trip to the country to find out who has the goods to claim the cash.

Our cameraman encounters a Gen IV Camaro unloading from the trailer. This beast is equipped with a twin turbo 408 cubic-inch V8 and a Powerglide transmission. With a massive hood scoop in burnt orange, it looks mean.

Next, he runs across a Fox Body Pace Car from Indy. This pony has a stock modular 302 with a BW S475 turbo but it has no front clip. It ain’t how you look; it’s what you got under the hood. What if you have no hood – or fenders?

Next up is a Chevrolet Monza with a 5.3-liter twin turbo V8. You don’t see many of these around anymore and this one is spectacular.

Finally, we’ve got one for the Ford purists. It’s a Fox Body packing a big block Chevy mill with a couple kits on nitrous. Kaboom!

Let’s go to the starting line.

This video is one of the most well produced ever. It is like watching a street racing movie. Check it out.

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