Compton Speedway – Hellcat Redeye vs Twin Turbo 300Z

March 18th, 2021

Here we are back at the Compton Speedway. With the extreme buildup of rubber on the surface, this strip of public thoroughfare more closely resembles a dragstrip. Nevertheless, street racers gather here on a nightly basis to duke it out for cash money. As if the racing were not entertaining enough, the posturing and trash talking can be very boistrous. Other times, it results in violence and that is just sad. Should be all about the racing.

Tonight, we have a good one on hand. A twin turbocharged (V8 swapped) Datsun Z-Car is taking on a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye for a $1,000 purse. The course is an eighth-mile.

Both these cars are total beasts. The Z-Car has been totally renovated. It is more like a Pro Stock dragster than a street car. Exact modifications are unknown, but this whip make horsepower aplenty.

The Redeye is one of the most powerful factory vehicles ever built. With a giant supercharged HEMI engine, this all-American beauty is making nearly 800hp in stock condition. This particular Mopar has obviously been modified for performance.

When these two hit the street, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen. Enjoy.