Comeback Kid – 1800HP Stick Shift Camaro

April 3rd, 2021

This kid has got an incredible story to tell drag racing fans around the world. After posting a personal best ET of 7.48-seconds @ 191 mph at TX2K21, this guy pulled the ‘chute and slammed his bomb-diggity Camaro into the retaining wall on the left. Typically, this would indicate that a driver and race team were through. Lucky for these guys, the competitors at TX2K21 were not having any of that. This rowdy band of gearheads pitched in and removed the damaged front panels, replaced the front spindles and swapped the wheels. With a few more wrinkles in the rear quarter and some deep scratches, the Moore Racing Camaro rolled to the line minus the front sheet metal.

Going against the Grannas Supra (fastest stick shift car on the planet), the Camaro seemed to represent the spirit of the Little Engine That Could. The light dropped and the Supra had traction issues. The Camaro launched and threw the front wheel toward the sunshine. When they came back down, the Chevy was headed for an 8.0-second pass and a victory in Round 1. What a comeback!

Under the hood of the Camaro is a 7.0-liter Dart Racing short block with Dart LS3 cylinder heads. The twin turbochargers are VSRacing 7875s with VSR wastegates and blow-off valves. The transmission is a Tick Performance T-56 manual 6-speed with a Black Magic Next Gen clutch. The car is burning E85 fuel (85-percent ethanol). The ECU is a Holley Dominator.

Each round is more of the same excitement. Great video.

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