Close Call for Pair of S10 Street Racers

July 21st, 2020

Street digs can be a crazy affair. When things go right, street racing can one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling experiences on earth. When things go wrong street racing can get real dangerous – real quick. Things went a little bit wrong today.

In the first pass, the Gen II S-10 (right lane) gets squirrelly about the 60-foot mark. He knocks the tires off and twerks hard and crosses center but regains control and points the truck in the right direction under full power. Problem is that the Gen I S-10 (Sonoma) has already reacted to the shenanigans in the right lane. In making the adjustment, he lost traction and got into the curb on the outside. After curbing the twin turbo LS mini-truck and wiping out a signpost, the truck is catapulted back onto the track – across the left lane and into the right lane. The Gen II truck was forced to lift or collide with the oncoming truck. Since both competitors crossed the center line, it was the one who crossed first that was disqualified. The Gen I truck was left to make repairs and get back for the next round in the Tailgate Class and the Gen II truck went back on the trailer.

With the help of some good friends, the Shop Truck is repaired and ready to resume rounds in the Tailgate Class at the H-Town Throwdown in Heartshorne, Oklahoma. With a pair of S480 turbos (mounted in the bed), this GMC version of the S-10 pickup is up to the task and taking on all comers. Take a look.

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