Classic Nova Sleeper Packs Huge Punch

January 19th, 2019

This is just the kind of car that makes auto mechanics – with big forearms and grease under their nails – giggle like teenage girls. It’s the kind of car that street racers (young and old) desire to build. They talk about building and think about building, but almost never get around to building. Well, feast your eyes upon this:

While I was busy thinking about building the ultimate street sleeper; Drew was busy buying it. He found a very ordinary looking 1972 Chevrolet Nova which Kurt Urban Performance has transformed it into something otherworldly and wisely snapped it up.

Once you look past nearly a half-century worth of nicks, scratches, and “patina”, what is under the hood is really all that matters when it comes to sleepers. This Nova is certainly no show-stopper and it ain’t gonna win any road races, but put it on a flat, straight track and set the course for eighth or quarter-mile and – winner, winner, chicken dinner!

You see, Drew has outfitted this old war horse with a twin turbocharged LS engine with a water-to-air intercooler. The combination is good for nearly 1,200hp and the car has run a 9-second quarter-mile.

So, if you find yourself trolling the outskirts of Chicago or Detroit this spring, be on the lookout for a rusty old Nova that sounds like a jet aircraft. If you race him – make it for fun instead of cash. He’s hiding something under the hood.

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