Chevy Shootout – Corvette vs SS vs Camaro

December 7th, 2019

Hello race fans and welcome to a night of street racing featuring some awesome Chevrolet competitors. In this clip, you will see a flock of modified Corvette coupes, some Camaro entries and even a Chevrolet SS sedan or two.

First up is a black Corvette C5. It has undergone some radical mods, including a 414 cubic-inch engine (Texas Speed?) and an F1A Procharger. Next, is a (600hp) Chevrolet SS with a D1SC Procharger Kit. Then we have a white LS3 Corvette with modified cylinder heads, camshaft and intake manifold. He’s making about 490hp at the rear wheels. A 670hp Camaro also showed up. He has a P1SC Procharger with exhaust headers. There’s also a 600hp Corvette Z06 with upgraded cylinder heads, camshaft and intake manifold. It’s black, too.

The cameraman crawls into the passenger side of the black C5 and this group is ready to hit the streets (of Mexico) for some serious roll racing.

The white ‘Vette rolls against the C5 in the initial contest. The naturally aspirated car comes out quick, but the Procharged C5 endures and drives around him in the end. C5 FTW!

Now, the Chevrolet SS rolls up. The C5 takes the hit and holds on for the victory – only by about half-a-car. Great race!

Tons more roll racing action here. Check it out.

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