Chevrolet Work Truck (Turbo Added) Roll Racing on the Interstate

December 10th, 2021

I don’t know how things are in your neck of the woods but down my way, a fast pickup provides the best of everything. Half-ton pickups offer a relatively lightweight platform with a big motor and moderately durable suspension. They are ripe for the picking when it comes to modification via a power adder. This young buck has added himself a turbocharger (specifics unknown) to his V8 powered Chevy Silverado. With all the tweaks worked out, he is set to hit the interstate (of Mexico) for a bit of fun. Here we go!

First to try the Turbo Chevy is a new Toyota Supra with a modified tune. It’s real purdy. In the first camera angle, it seems that the Toyota out muscles the Chevy. Upon closer inspection, the Chevy breaks traction at the jump and the Supra lunges ahead. That’s the way it goes in the street racing game. Several swell camera angles cover this contest thoroughly.

Next up is an Infiniti Q50 with a full regime of bolt-ons and a performance tune. This time the pickup hooks up and walks away from the glorified Nissan for the first victory of the evening.

Now, we have a BMW 340i (catless downpipe and performance tune) getting in on the action. From the jump, these two are in a dead heat. Once the turbo Chevy spools up, he drives around for a narrow win.

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