Chevrolet vs. Toyota – Texas Street Hits

March 2nd, 2018

Just when I thought it was safe to take my Chevy back onto the highway, a souped-up Toyota Supra showed up and stole my thunder. Join us on the streets of Texas (Mexico) for some late night interstate roll racing.

Climb on board an 850whp Procharged (F1A) Chevrolet Camaro and buckle up for some serious highway rolls. First, we will take on a 900whp YSI Chevrolet Corvette Z06 well equipped with a Late Model Engines (LME) built 7.0-liter, all-aluminum, dry sump engine with a Vortech YSI supercharger. Ambient air is cooled and mode denser with a methanol injection system (5-gallon trunk mounted reservoir). A custom crafted LME intake manifold and a set of Black Mast cylinder heads round out the top end. After multiple passes, Yellow Z06 guy gets the message – he ain’t got anything for us tonight!

After taking a lashing from a second Z06 ‘Vette, we park the Camaro and get into the passenger seat of a Supra with plans to blow out some bowtie. The question is: can an import really compete with these street beasts? Tune in and find out.

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