200 MPH Street Race: Audi R8 vs. Nissan GT-R

June 4th, 2015

This is a real battle of the big boys. Here is another clip from the MRL, featuring a 1500hp 2010 Audi R8 and a very potent Nissan GT-R in a rolling race on the streets. Both drivers are somewhat close mouthed about their respective steeds but, as they say, “it will all come out in the wash”. The R8 seems to take the initial advantage but it proves fleeting as the mighty GT-R powers past and blasts to over 200 mph, seriously energizing the driver. The powerful Nissan is built around a 4.1-liter Sonny Bryant drag racing engine with twin Read More

1300HP Nissan GT-R Devours Super-Street Bikes

May 27th, 2015

This clip shows why the Nissan GT-R is affably nicknamed “Goliath.” If a stock GT-R is Goliath, then this 1300HP Boost Logic creation is a critter of unimaginable proportions. It makes nearly triple the factory horsepower of the already proficient Nissan supercar. Watch as it gobbles up a new BMW 1000RR street bike like a – well, like a monster! The Boost Logic BLGTR1300 kit includes a BL triple fuel pump system, BL oil cooler kit, intercooler kit, and harmonic damper. It also gets a BL 4-inch exhaust system (with or without electronic dumps) and BL cool air intake. A Read More

200+MPH Street Racing Texas Style

April 24th, 2015

It has been said that everything is bigger in Texas. While we don’t condone street racing, the level of street racing horsepower displayed in this video is monstrous. On the one hand, we have a highly modified Lamborghini Gallardo advertising the capability to produce 1750-horsepower. In lane two, we have a similarly equipped Nissan GT-R boasting over 1500-horsepower. Can a lowly Nissan hold its own against this legendary Italian? Underground Racing (Charlotte, N.C.) has worked their magic on the Lambo. Beginning with extensive engine upgrades and a pair of twin billet 62-millimeter turbochargers, Underground Racing treated the Gallardo to a Read More

Nissan GT-R Nismo vs Dodge Challenger Hellcat 1/4 Mile Drag Racing

April 10th, 2015

We’ve got some great heads up drag racing at ZMAX Dragway with a 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo running against a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The Hellcat was running a set of wider drag radial tires while the Nismo GT-R was all stock.   The races were close with each taking wins,  the Nismo GT-R running 11.1 @ 124.8 MPH vs the Hellcat at 11.2 @ 125.3 MPH and the Hellcat at 11.1 @ 124.4 MPH and the Nismo at 11.2 @ 124.3 MPH. The 60′ time at 1.73 for the Nismo GT-R was due to bad track prep and was a bit off from Read More

Rotary Powered Datsun Posts 8-second Quarter

April 9th, 2015

Talk about your strange combinations; here we have a ‘70-ish Datsun B210 with an alcohol burning Mazda 13B rotary engine and massive Borg-Warner 75-millimeter turbocharger under the hood. Despite looking like your less than average old “beater”, this strange combination of Japanese antiques posts a personal best of 8.164-seconds @ 165.864 mph for the quarter-mile. It is tubbed out to handle a set of 10.5-inch wide Strange Racing wheels (wrapped in racing slicks, of course) and shifting duties are left to a clutchless G-Force transmission. You have gotta’ see this thing wiping the track with $100k Nissan GT-Rs during the Read More

Dodge Ram Crushes GT-R in 1/4-Mile Pass

March 27th, 2015

You have to see this to believe it! This rusted four-wheel drive 1988 Dodge Ram crushes a modified 2013 Nissan GT-R on the way to posting a 10.993 @ 122 mph. Nobody expected this to happen. The GT-R has bee tuned to 650-horsepower, has numerous aftermarket performance parts installed, and is running premium racing fuel. Nevertheless, this bulky pickup walks away in the quarter-mile. OUCH! The Dodge Ram (nicknamed the Ramaro) is packing a few surprises. The Mopar powertrain is gone and a GM 6.0-liter LS2 V8 with a PT8891 Precision turbocharger, massive intercooler, and 100 shot nitrous have taken Read More

ETS GT-R Breaks World Record for 1/4-Mile & Dyno

March 23rd, 2015

Watch this video of the Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS)/English Racing Team car as they set a new Nissan GT-R world record time of 7.49 @ 189 mph (50-pounds of boost) shattering the record of 7.71-seconds previously held by the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R. Key components for the record breaking coupe include a ETS 4.1-liter stroker engine with custom crankshaft, rods, and pistons, a set of ETS 5 Axis CNC cylinder heads with custom titanium hardware and Serdi full-access seats, Kelford camshafts, ETS Top Mount Dual 72-millimeter Turbo Kit, Got Boost oil catch-can setup, a Boost Logic intake manifold, and Greddy throttle Read More

McLaren 650S vs Nissan GT-R Drag Racing 1/4 Mile

February 5th, 2015

Here is another race from our StreetCarDrags event with a brand new McLaren 650S Spider taking on a Nissan GT-R.  The McLaren is powered by a 3.8L V8 Twin Turbo engine producing 641HP though a 7 speed dual clutch transmission.  The GT-R has a 3.8L V6 with 545HP and a 6 speed dual clutch transmission. With both cars spinning off the line the power to weight ratio is clear with the 3,200 pound 650S running 10.8 @ 133 MPH while the 3,700 pound GT-R ran 11.8 @ 119 MPH. While both cars didn’t put up great times, this is actually one of Read More

Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Nissan GT-R 1/4 Mile

December 25th, 2014

Take a look at this heads up run between a new Porsche 911 Turbo S with tune and exhaust and a Nissan GT-R with tune, exhaust and E85 fuel setup.  It’s a close race with the both cars running in the 10’s and GT-R edging out the Porsche by a few tenths.

First Nismo GT-R Delivered in the US

October 30th, 2014

The first Nissan GT-R NISMO was delivered to Matt,  an administrator over at the GTRLife forums.  Nissan executives were onhand for the personal delivery where they put the car up on a lift to check out some of the Nismo specific parts and details.  The GT-R Nismo includes a host of carbon fiber and aerodynamic enhancements as well as a nice power bump from it’s 3.8L V6 Twin Turbo engine producing 600 horsepower. We’re looking forward to seeing some performance numbers as they start to hit the streets!