The Janitor ’68 No Prep Camaro

March 25th, 2016

The ‘Janitor’ is an awesome looking 1968 Camaro that has undergone some upgrades for the upcoming season. The nitrous oxide injection system is out and a massive 106-millimeter turbocharger has been added instead. The worn out old small block is on the scrap heap and a fresh (Torrez Performance built) 406-cubic-inch mill with 23-degree cylinder heads has taken its place. This is a No Prep event and the Janitor is running in the small tire class. With only 15-pounds of boost applied this muscle car pulled the front up nicely and got through the 1320 in fine fashion. I am Read More

New Quarter-Mile World Record Viper

March 24th, 2016

What’s that? You think snakes are slow because they have no legs? Well this snake doesn’t have a leg to stand on and gets down the track in good time. D3 Performance Engineering campaigns this Gen V Dodge Viper in the 1/4-mile and the car is posting some pretty impressive elapsed times, including a (Gen V World Record) 9.36-second pass @ 144 mph. D3 is squeezing over 900hp out of this Snake using a ProCharger F1X centrifugal supercharger on 15-pounds of boost. The Viper is also equipped with a generous supply of laughing gas, courtesy of Nitrous Express, but it Read More

Texas Street Racing – BoostedGT vs Black Jesus

March 22nd, 2016

It has been said that everything is bigger in Texas. Well if this video is any indication, the saying certainly applies to street racing. You may recognize one of these competitors from Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaw series. Yes, this Canary Yellow Mustang is none other than Chris Hamilton in BoostedGT. Chris has made this new edge Mustang famous but he and Team Z are currently working on a S197 body style Mustang that will be even badder. The new car will feature a small block Ford mill (like the present car) but will be upgraded to a twin turbo setup Read More

No Prep – Shocker Camaro vs Mistress Nova

March 17th, 2016

Welcome to the Bounty Hunters No Prep Grudge Match from beautiful San Antonio Raceway. You are about to witness Discovery Channel star Kye Kelley taking on the infamous Mistress in 1/4-mile No Prep dig racing action. Numerous stars from the popular Street Outlaws series were on hand but there was no closer finish than this tight race. Kye brought this bad nitrous injected Camaro all the way from down in the Big Easy to knuckle-up against his co-stars and other competitors in good, clean, heads-up racing. The Mistress is a twin-turbocharged monster that seldom falls. Enough with the hype – Read More

930HP Shop Truck Dyno and Drag

March 16th, 2016

The crew at Ultra Blue Traction Compound has put together a shop truck that has been letting them down as of late. First, there was the ‘incident’ at the dyno. It seems that the guys were expecting to put up a four-digit number and they could only irk out 930hp. That’s still pretty impressive considering that we’re talking about a Chevrolet Silverado. Next, they rolled into Street Car Takeover Phoenix looking to put down a few 9-second passes and the best they could manage was a 10.07-second pass @ 134 mph. Look for bigger and better things from this crew Read More

Big Baller Cobra Wins Redemption 4.0

March 14th, 2016

This is No Prep racing with some of the biggest names in the Midwest in attendance. The Big Baller Mustang rolled in ready to do battle during Redemption No Prep 4.0 down in Texas and ran into a proverbial buzz saw of competition. Kye Kelley, the Birdman, and Flaco (Skinny) in his twin turbocharged Chevrolet S10, known as ‘Corn Fed’ were all revved up and waiting to run. The Big Baller Cobra Mustang wears a tag plate that reads ‘Boost12’ because it’s boosted and on a scale of one-to-ten – it’s a twelve. It’s running a 380-cubic-inch small block Ford Read More

Lights Out Champion C5 Corvette

March 12th, 2016

This clip lets you take a run through each individual round of the Lights Out 7 Event in South Georgia as Ken Berry and the crew of the baddest ride in the Radial Tire class go against such competitors as Daniel Pharris in his 102mm twin-turbo Mustang, Stevie ‘Fast’ Jackson in his supercharged Fox Body, and a handful of other elite level racers. Ken promises that they’ll “give it everything they have and borrow some more from the neighbors.” This Vette is well equipped with a ProLine 487-cubic-inch small block, a brand new set of Gen 2 Precision 98-millimeter turbochargers, Read More

John Doe Turbo Cutlass Gets a Makeover

March 10th, 2016

Following a fiery mishap during FTW Border Wars, at Edinburg Raceway in Texas, Shane Taylor and the guys at Murillo Motorsports were left to rebuild the silver W-Body known as “Turbo Doe.” This video takes us through the process as the crew freshens up the engine with some upgraded pistons and a different camshaft. The turbochargers have also been beefed up to a pair of 98-millimeter Precision units with Precision wastegates. Check out the first start up, some interesting dyno action, and some fun in the parking lot as Shane and the guys try to work out the kinks. Shane Read More

Birdman Exudes Confidence at Conquer the Concrete

March 9th, 2016

If you know anything about the Birdman, then you know that he doesn’t suffer from low self-esteem or lack confidence in his crew or car. There’s a good reason for that. This team has won upwards of $45,000 in prize money for the last 3 No Prep events. After defeating the best in the world in No Prep racing, including Discovery Channel’s Kye Kelley from the Street Outlaws series, Birdman cruised into Oklahoma City with an understandable swagger. This recently painted Pontiac Trans Am is packing a 622-cubic-inch big block Chevy engine pushed to the brink by a pair of Read More

3000HP Malibu Turns 4.0-Second Eighth-Mile @ 195 MPH

March 8th, 2016

This ain’t no charity case but man it’s great to have friends. With no engine, no fuel injection, and no wiring harness, this team showed up at Lights Out 7 (in South Georgia) with low expectations. As a testimonial to what good friends and hard work can accomplish, this beast of a machine was ready to make its inaugural 1/8-mile pass less than 24-hours later. This bad bowtie is rocking a 548-cubic-inch Nelson Racing engine, a pair of Garrett 98-millimeter turbochargers, and a Fuel Tech FT500 electronic fuel injection system. With all these consistent low-4-second passes, it’s only a matter Read More