Cash Days Rules – 600-900HP Roll Racing

September 12th, 2023

Twelve cars and twenty-four riders will take part in this 50 -150 MPH roll racing affair which adopts the rules of a Cash Days event. The machines are tuned-up and the fuel tanks are topped off. Whoever can withstand the pressure will take home the money. Whoever misses a gear will go home empty handed.

After a driver’s meeting, the cars take to the interstate (in Mexico).

The first race is between an Audi TTRS (big turbo and a built engine) and a (factory supercharged) C7 (2014-2019) Corvette Z06 with full bolt-ons. The Corvette gets the early jump before the Audi spools up and drives around him for the win.

Next, we have a MKV Supra with an upgraded turbo and a Dodge Challenger Hellcat with full bolt-ons. Supra for the easy win over the heavier Mopar.

Now, we have a battle between a BMW M3, with all-wheel drive and bolt-ons, and a black C7 Corvette Z06 with full bolt-ons. Again, the ‘Vette takes an early advantage before getting sucked into the turbo of the Beemer. BMW FTW.

A Porsche 911 Turbo S and a MKV Supra with carbon fiber front fenders and a turbo upgrade are set to tangle in the next race. This looks like a good one – with plenty more to follow.

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