Camaro Clash – Old vs New Street Hits

September 28th, 2023

Getting back to the street, Big Frank has located a couple of Camaro enthusiasts looking to grudge race. This race will pit a third generation Camaro against a fifth generation Camaro in a series of roll races on the interstate in Mexico. Both cars are seriously modified to increase performance, and both are adept at eating asphalt. Check it out.

The Gen V (2010-2015) Camaro has been upgraded with a 418 cubic-inch stroker motor. This is a naturally aspirated beast with performance cylinder heads, camshaft and intake manifold. Shifting duties are left to a 6-speed manual transmission.

Representing the old school is a Gen III (1982-1992) Camaro. This ride may look vintage on the outside but open the hood and things get very modern. The engine is an LS7 7.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 capable of making big power. It is tuned to burn premium pump gas. He’s running an automatic transmission. This car looks and sounds like a million bucks.

Tonight’s festivities are to include 50 to 150 mph roll racing.

The initial hit is tainted when the Gen V car knocks the tires off at the jump. After that, the old school car pulls away easily.

A second race yields a more satisfactory result. It’s a very close contest with one car winning down low and the other dominating on the big end. If you like Camaros, this is the video for you.

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