Calvo Viper Team – Street and Strip (TX2K20)

March 25th, 2020

Greetings drag racing fans and speed freaks from every corner of the racing world. This video is all about the legendary rear-wheel drive Dodge Viper – and nobody does turbo and twin turbo Viper better than Calvo Motorsports. Join us for a visit to TX2K20 where Calvo has turned up with no less than six Viper entries that total more than 10,000HP. Hold on to your hats, this is gonna get wild.

The gloss black Viper (Sandy) has a stock motor with bolt-ons only. He shows up to nearly every event and posts consistent results.

Ryan also has a black Viper with a Calvo CM1600 Turbo Kit. After Ryan demolishes an 8-second Mustang (on the streets of Mexico), he embarrasses a bevy of well-heeled street bikes. He also went 199 mph in the Battle of the Bakery roll racing.

Then there is Eric Wood in his orange Viper (1600hp). He posted a 199 mph top speed in the roll racing, as well. On the street, Eric blew up the town with mind-numbing acceleration in multiple test hits.

The other Eric, in a black Viper, posted several 200+ mph roll racing passes before taking to the streets for some violent test hits. This car had a transmission issue that put him back on the trailer early. Most of these cars are sequentially shifted (including this one).

Finally, we have Febrecio Cordoba’s matte gray Viper. It is a 2,400hp monster that you must see on street and strip. Even with the nitrous not working correctly, this car ran a 210 mph pass against the Underground Racing World Record pass of 236 mph. The Calvo CM2000 kit is about the most exhaustive modification available for a Dodge Viper.

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