Buy It Now – 840HP 2016 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Edition

November 1st, 2016

buy-it-now-840hp-2016-pontiac-trans-amThe movies that we grow up with leave us with some very special memories. Good or bad, these same memories often become engrained into our personalities and make us the people that we are as adults. In all honesty – I love street racing and I love the adrenaline rush that comes with it being frowned upon by members of our law enforcement community. Is that because I watched the movie Smokey and the Bandit, with Florida raised actor Burt Reynolds, as a teenager? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. Only my hairdresser and I know for sure.

One thing is certain though; it left me with a love of a certain black Trans Am that has never left me and I know that millions of other car enthusiasts feel the same way. That black Trans Am, with a gold phoenix (aka screaming chicken), t-tops, and gold honey comb wheels, has come to be called the Bandit; after Burt Reynolds character in the movie.

Check out the much improved, 2016 version of the Bandit as it is offered by Trans Am Worldwide in Tallahassee, Florida. Over the course of a 6-week build, this outfit in the Sunshine State can take a Chevrolet Camaro and transform it into the Bandit Edition Trans Am that makes 840hp and 730 lb.-ft. of torque. Old Burt had less than 1/4 of that power and just look what a ruckus he raised. Think of how you could rip up the streets in the new and improved Bandit Edition T/A. At a price of only about $75k (starting price), it’s a relatively economical proposition.

Under the hood is an LSX 7.4-liter GM Performance V8 engine with a custom ground camshaft, an upgraded cooling system, a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger, and a huge intercooler. Almost every body panel is also replaced and there are major brake and suspension upgrades performed. Don’t forget a set of custom fabricated gold honeycomb rims wrapped in Goodyear white letter tires. The interior is also totally reconfigured and all 77-units (for the year 1977, when the movie came out) are adorned with Burt Reynolds autograph prominently displayed on the dash. This car is a true work of art and the video is amazing.

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