Blackhawk Trans Am – Drag Radial Class

June 15th, 2018

Baby-faced Joe Hunt must take on a field of twenty-five racers to pick up his first win in the Blackhawk Pontiac WS6 Trans Am. Racing is of the No Prep, drag variety and this is the hottest ticket on the market.

The Blackhawk has undergone a dramatic rebirth. It has been transformed from a nitrous car that had little success keeping the front tires on the pavement to a more controllable beast of a twin turbo car. In the past, Joe has gotten close to the prize but just couldn’t quite bring it home. So, will he be able to keep Blackhawk going straight down the track and bring home the money? Let’s take a look.

After a Round 1 bye, Joe has to pedal the car to a Round 2 victory over a turbo Camaro in the right lane. The surface is getting a little dicey already.

Blackhawk draws another bye run in Round 3 and heads into the semi-final round against a TT Fox Body Mustang. Both cars “tote the front” out of the hole Joe takes a narrow victory – moving on to the Final Round.

Finally, Blackhawk has a chance to rack up that hard to find first victory. This time Joe has a turbo Fox Body in the right lane. Despite coming out of the hole and drifting hard toward the center, Joe manages to pedal the car to its first victory in the Drag Radial Class.

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