Big Turbo G-Body – 9-Second Quarter-Mile

March 26th, 2019

Greetings fellow drag racing fans and aficionados of speed from every ilk! Welcome to historic Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun, Maryland for an evening of head-to-head drag racing.

This video will feature a type of car that we’ve all see at the track – maybe even lined up beside. We look over and chuckle at the big ol’ G-Body (Monte Carlo, etc.). Sure, the engine sounds alright, but look at those itty-bitty skins out back. Besides that, he’s gotta be so heavy, huh? Then the guy lines up and fogs out the bleach box, runs a 9-second E.T. and posts a trap speed of more than 155 mph! Wow! That just happened!

This Gen IV Chevrolet Monte Carlo is rocking it old skool with an aluminum-headed Chevy small block engine. This motor has done more for drag racing than asphalt. You can buy and build a 350 Chevrolet cheaper and easier than any other engine out there (including a four-cylinder). What really sets this Chevy apart is a massive (91-millimeter) CRT turbocharger from Midwest Turbo.

After seeing this Monte Carlo lay down a few 9-second passes, on a less than stable track, I look forward to seeing what this cruiser can do in more ideal conditions.

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