Beware of Snakes – 200 MPH Viper ACR

May 12th, 2018

Running in the rear-wheel drive class, this Gen V Dodge Viper ACR is a fresh build with factory aerodynamics, air conditioning, power steering, and 19-inch wheels. This is literally a street car that can manage 200 mph in less than a half-mile – from a standing stop.

Like the body, the engine is stock except for cylinder sleeves. Sleeved cylinders allow this huge 8.4-liter V10 engine to withstand the added rigor of a pair of turbochargers (Calvo Motorsports kit). Horsepower to the rear wheels is dyno-documented at 1,750.

Today this nasty serpent will be taking on the closed course at the Caddo Mills Municipal Airport during the Texas Invitational. Antonio Calvo himself will take the controls as the Calvo Motorsports team attempts to bust the 200 mph barrier in this contest that requires a delicate balance between traction and power.

Have a gander for yourselves and see if the guys are able to push this venomous creature through the half-mile and exceed that magical 200 mph mark.

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