Beer Money Mustang – Extreme Turbo LS No Prep Monster

December 12th, 2020

You may remember the Beer Money Mustang from the cable television shows Horsepower Wars and Fastest Car – where it won all the marbles en route to fame and fortune. After taking the 1986 Fox Body pony car out on the No Prep circuit, the hard charging Bigun Crew blew the engine and rendered the car immobile. Months later, the Beer Money Ford is back on the dragstrip with a lighter and faster turbocharged LS3 (Chevrolet) motor. With the new setup dialed in, the guys take to the track. Time to see how they fare.

Built by Harrell Engine and Dyno (HED), the LS3 is an all-aluminum 6.2-liter V8. The water jackets have been filled with an epoxy-based block filler to strengthen the cylinder walls and keep weight to a minimum. The block has also been equipped with Dart iron sleeves in each cylinder. Fasteners are ARP and the bottom end is assembled using all the best components and meticulous attention to detail. The crankshaft and main caps are basically stock, but the camshaft is a custom grind. Camshaft specifications are a closely guarded secret. The double roller timing chain and gear set is by Rollmaster. Connecting rods are specially designed turbo units by BoostLine. The wrist pins are thick-walled and the pistons are from Wiseco. Cylinder heads are ported aluminum from Mast Motorsports.

The intake manifold is a Holley Sniper with a 90-millimeter throttle body.

Don’t be fooled by Beer Money’s ragged appearance. This is a sophisticated car campaigned by a crew that thoroughly understands the game.

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