Baddest Supra on the Planet – TX2K19

March 26th, 2019

Geo has one of the baddest Supras on the planet. For this ride, it all begins with a Brian Crower 3.2-liter 2JZ engine with a billet crankshaft. It is running a Precision ProMod 88 turbocharger and an M&M TH400 automatic transmission. This is a legit 6-second car running in the 2JZ Class.

The competition for baddest Supra, here at TX2K19? Who would we like to see against Geo in the finals? Well, that would be Titan Motorsports. The guy who prepares their orange Supra has been at the 2JZ thing for more than a decade and a final between these two cars would be magnificent. Keep your fingers crossed; there’s lots of racing to do before that can happen.

After days of hoop-lah and fan-fare, sure enough, these two great competitors end up side-by-side for the final in 2JZ.

Geo played it close to the vest all weekend. He called his Supra a “street car” and said it really wasn’t that fast. In the end, he treed the Titan Motorsports Supra and whipped him 6.45 to 6.79 (despite turning a lower trap speed). The Real Street Supra is truly the king of the Toyotas.

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