3-Deep AWD Street Battle

July 17th, 2015

3-Deep AWD Street BattleWhat do you get when you mix up three high-performance all-wheel drive imports and throw them out in the street? What you get is some launch happy three-way dig racing. Check out this video as these three turbocharged monsters square off in a street battle for the ages.

Starting with the black sedan, which is the infamous Darth Vader Subaru STi; all-wheel drive is the order of the day. Hoosier 8.5-inch wide tires on all four corners help this ominous machine hook up and it needs all the help it  can get. It is equipped with a 2.5-liter boxer engine and a GT4094 Turbocharger. Output is estimated at 750hp. Next is the red Diamond Star coupe. This little jewel is running a stock engine and camshafts with a Precision 6466 turbo on 39psi of boost. Lastly (watch the video for yourself), is an 850hp Evolution, in silver. The Evo got behind out of the hole and never got right. Excellent two-car race, though.

NOTE: We neither condone nor endorse racing on public streets. 

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