AWD Civic – 7-Second Beast  

December 22nd, 2017

It’s difficult to make my mouth say that a snot green Honda hatchback is a beast but this car certainly has beastly characteristics.

It comes out of the hole like a bullet and flies through the trap in the 7-second range (consistently). When you consider that it blows through the quarter-mile at approximately 190 -195 mph, it is even more impressive and hard to believe that it is a four-banger.

The engine is a K20 (2.0-liter) Honda unit with a big turbocharger. The owner explains that it has dyno tested at 1,100whp but he has the boost turned up even louder today. He’s estimating power in the 1,300hp range.

What makes this car truly unique is the all-wheel drivetrain. It is cobbled together expertly (by Steve and his team at CLM Motorsports) from Honda SUV parts. Despite it’s unorthodox construction, this car seems durable, reliable, and consistent.

Never mind the anticlimactic finish in the new Wild Class, it was interesting to see this special car and the great bunch of individuals who get it down the track.

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