Audi TT-RS vs. MK5 Supra and Dodge Challenger Hellcat – Street Hits

April 28th, 2022

These racers are taking it back to the streets (of Mexico) for an evening of grab-and-go roll racing action. Imports and domestics will do battle to see who can gobble up the most asphalt in the least time. When the racing heats up, it’s bound to get wild on the interstate.

In the first contest, we have a Mark V Toyota Supra (performance exhaust downpipe and a Botti tune) going against an Audi TT-RS that has been modified with an aftermarket intake manifold, a performance exhaust downpipe and a DS1 tune. Multiple hits and numerous camera angles in this segment. No matter how you slice, it comes up Supra – every time!

The next segment is another Audi racing the same Supra. They have communication problems on the jump. It’s a series of duds.

In the final segment, we have the same Supra rolling on a supercharged HEMI Dodge Challenger Hellcat with full bolt-ons. Although the Hellcat has a power advantage, he gets whipped decisively. Embarrassing!

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