Angry Nissan SUV – 206 MPH Half-Mile

March 15th, 2017

This video comes to us from a far away land. The Qatar Peninsula in Western Asia provides the backdrop for this world record setting 1/2-mile pass (by an SUV).

The firm responsible for this extraordinary Nissan Patrol SUV is one that should be familiar to racing enthusiasts. AAP Performance is consistently on the cutting edge in almost any area of drag racing that can be imagined. What may not be familiar to readers is the Nissan Patrol. The Patrol is only sold in North America under the Infiniti brand. It competes on other continents with the Toyota Land Cruiser, the British Land Rover brand, and several upscale German sport utility vehicles. In the U.S. the Infiniti QX series of SUVs are available with I6 or V8 engines and all the luxurious trappings.

The featured Nissan patrol is seriously stripped down (for weight reduction) and it has a monster turbocharger churning away under the hood. Horsepower is estimated at more than 2,000!

I was surprised to see the smaller inline 6-cylinder engine in the featured vehicle but not shocked to discover that it was fully built to withstand the massive forced air induction system. This is an awesome truck and a well produced video. Check it out.