All You Need is Love – Nitrous Burning Chevy Luv

April 3rd, 2018

Few things put a bigger smile on the face of a drag racer than the sight of a compact, rear-wheel drive vehicle with a massive V8 crammed under the hood. What makes it even better? When there is a bed on the back so you can haul all your stuff.

Love was in the air as Kyle Buckmaster showed up to the Bounty Hunters No-Prep Grudge Nationals III with his menacing Chevrolet Luv pickup. At the risk of outing myself as an old guy, I’ll tell you that these trucks were plentiful in my hey-day. A fellow couldn’t sling a big-boned girl off himself (dancing, dancing – get your mind out of the gutter) without hitting a Chevy Luv with a built V8 motor under the hood. With that said; I don’t remember very many that could streak down the eighth-mile as fast as the one featured in this clip.

These grudge racers ain’t ones to “kiss and  tell” so overall horsepower, engine displacement, and specifics regarding power-adders are scarce but this thing runs like a scalded dog. It allegedly has a small block Chevrolet engine (built by Morgan and Son) and obviously has an abundance of nitrous available at the flip of a switch. This truck is purpose built for No-Prep racing, using the best of everything from one end to the other.

Buckle up!

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