A New Kind of Hybrid – 2JZ 240sx

July 28th, 2017

Greetings drag racing fans! Allow me to introduce a new type of hybrid propulsion system to you all. This is not your average, so-so, hum-drum gasoline over electric hybrid; it is a Nissan over Toyota, with a healthy dose of turbocharged/nitrous.

The owner calls it a V8 Killer.

Never mind the backyard paint job – this Nissan finds a way to consistently get down the track with very little tire slip, despite being rear-wheel drive.

The inline 6-cylinder Toyota 2JZ is professionally built and is being force fed by a massive 7675 Precision turbocharger (45-pounds of boost). It has a TH400 transmission. A small shot of nitrous dispenses with that nasty turbo lag and this thing flies through the quarter-mile like a bullet; making consistent mid-8-second passes.

Running in the Street Racer Class at Street Car Takeover in Indianapolis, this unique import hybrid got a chance to earn its moniker of V8 Killer early and often.

The burning question remains: Will this unassuming Nissan be good enough to win its class and take home the loot? You’ll have to check out the video and see for yourself!

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