950HP AC Cobra – Half-Mile

July 10th, 2017

This car would make Carroll Shelby proud! While purists may complain that it isn’t a factory car – no one can argue that it embodies the racing spirit promoted by the legendary racer and founder of Shelby America.

Produced as a (2,400-pound) kit car by Backdraft Racing, this AC Cobra replica is packing a very modern punch. Under the black metal flake hood beats the heart of an all-aluminum modular Coyote racing engine. A Whipple supercharger and a 250-shot nitrous kit provide an extra degree of get-up-and-go. Traction is certainly a problem but breaking loose between gears is a problem with which most of us would be delighted.

Today’s event is the standing half-mile and the featured car is chomping at the bit. With a previous best top-speed of 181 mph, the driver is interested to see what the car is capable of after a few recent upgrades.

This little roadster is running an open side-pipe exhaust system and it sounds terrific. Unfortunately, putting power to the pavement effectively proves to be an issue during the Pike’s Peak Airstrip Attack and the car seems to be downright uncontrollable at times.

Take a look at the video and see if this fantastic looking replica Cobra can set a new personal best (top-speed) in the standing half-mile.

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