900WHP Audi RS3 – 8-Second Quarter-Mile

April 26th, 2019

Four doors with cross-drilled brake rotors and a turbocharger? You’ll get it all in a luxurious package with the Audi RS3.

Turn the RS3 over to IROZ Motorsports (Las Vegas, NV) and you’ll get a lot more than that! The sedan featured in this video had been treated to the IMS1000 Turbocharger Kit. With a freshly built engine, upgraded clutches, and stock axles; the IROZ crew is still working out the bugs.

The IROZ team brought their creation to the left-coast (Sacramento Raceway) for some tuning and testing.

First pass nets a respectable elapsed time of 9.217-seconds @ 156.8 mph. As you would expect from an all-wheel drive car, this Audi hooks up well and flies through the 1320 without incident.

The second pass yields significant improvement, despite a brief hiccup around the 60-foot mark. A 9.02-second pass @ 158.1 mph pass is another impressive result but too close to eight to be content.

Finally, after meticulous tweaking and tuning, the attractive Audi sedan leapt from the starting blocks and thundered through the finish line with an 8.85-second pass @ 158.6 mph. What a triumph! A fully-equipped street sedan that can post 8-second quarter-mile passes. Can you say, “Street Sleeper”?


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