900HP Subaru – Journey to the 8-Second Quarter-Mile

August 19th, 2019

I got mad respect for this father/son team representing Cuba. Pops has been a technician for more than sixty-years. He got junior started early in the engine building game and it’s finally paying off. The two have combined their resources on this 900hp Subaru with outstanding results. Like most of us, they are looking to shave time from their next pass down the strip. Today, these guys are looking for that elusive 8-second pass in the quarter-mile.

Their 2005 Subaru WRX STi is a work of art. With hundreds of passes in the books, this Fuji Heavy Industries stud comes to the starting line ready to lay it all on the line. Under the hood is the factory boxster (four-cylinder) engine. It has been built by the Nelson father and son duo with a stock crankshaft and IAG case halves, as well as Manley pistons and connecting rods. HeadGames cylinder heads is responsible for the top end which also contains Kelford camshafts and Ferrea valvetrain components. The turbocharger is a Precision 6466 and the intercooler is ETS. Special thanks to COBB Tuning, MGW, Defined Performance and Torque Solution.

Everything about this outstanding Subaru is jam up and jelly straight. Just takes bread.

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