9-Second V8 Turbo Mazda Miata

July 30th, 2018

Greetings drag racing fans and welcome! Allow me to introduce you to the Orange Crush Mazda Miata. This great looking little roadster is a purpose-built quarter-mile car that puts up consistent 9-second passes.

With that said, the car owner has made it painfully clear that he is unsatisfied with nines and wants to get this radically modified import into the eights – and he wants to do it today.

Modifications include a large Chevy LS V8 (6.2-liter) engine (professionally built) with a set of BRC cylinder heads. It has an oil-less Comp, rear-mount,  76-millimeter turbocharger and a 100-shot of nitrous to help get out of the hole without any lag. A Holley controller setup keeps the fuel injection, ignition, and (4L80E) transmission dancing to the same beat. It also handles boost control, nitrous spray, and drive-by-wire throttle. The car is capable of making 700hp and it weighs about 3,000-pounds.

This Mazda is smooth and quick out of the hole. It is easy on the eyes and has an exhaust note that is sweet as an orange creamsicle.

Watch out! This one will have you scouring the internet for a Miata hull.

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