9-Second Mazda Miata from Lucas Oil Raceway

August 19th, 2020

Looking for all the world like a miniature Shelby Cobra, this pint-sized powerhouse tore up the track at Lucas Oil Raceway Friday night. Running in the Monster Stick Shift Class, this little monster was everything the competition could handle – and more! Check it out.

Anyone who has ever been around a Mazda Miata will remember that it is tiny. What you may not know is that a Miata is a rear-wheel drive vehicle. That makes this an ideal candidate for a high-performance retrofit.

This Miata has been upgraded with a naturally aspirated small block Ford mill and a 9-inch Ford rear differential. Iron cylinder heads and a carburetor indicate that this little giant is built to old school standards, but can it run with the big dogs competing in tonight’s lineup?

First impressions? This thing can really get off the line. It launches violently and goes straight down the track.

The first victim is a red Gen IV Mustang. Mustang comes out of the hole softly and gets gapped. The Miata posts a 10-second flat ET and moves on to the semifinals.

In the next round, the Miata (still in the left lane) takes on a Gen V Mustang that must be really fast (he has a parachute). Turns out that the Gen V pony car is pretty fast, but the Miata is a bit faster. Miata FTW.

It’s the finals and the tiny Miata is facing off against a Cobra Jet Mustang with a massive Whipple blower protruding through the hood. The Baby Cobra posts his first 9-second pass of the evening and takes home the trophy. Nice work.


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