9-Second Gear Jammer – Firebird Formula 6-Speed

December 6th, 2018

Welcome fellow racing fans and drivers alike. This video installment features a car in which a potentially aggravating combination is used. Manual transmissions and nitrous systems are rarely used in conjunction with one another. The suddenness with which most nitrous systems are introduced can create havoc with manual clutches. Let’s take a look at this clean Pontiac Firebird Formula and see if its crew has discovered a method for success.

At the heart of this 9-second beast is an LQ4 based 408 cubic-inch V8 engine with a Stage 3 camshaft, set of Trick Flo cylinder heads, a Holley Sniper intake manifold, and a 100-shot kit of nitrous. The transmission is a Tremec T56 and the rear end is a Strange (Ford) 9-inch with a spool (axles locked). Simple, straightforward horsepower. This combination is good for consistent 10-second passes (with an occasional 9-second pass) at around 140 mph.

Lots of great dig racing on this one. Check out the multi-race grudge battle between the Gen II and Gen IV GM F-Bodies near the end. There is less than a one-second variation in elapsed times.

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