9-Second Camaro – Dual Power Adders

March 23rd, 2018

So, what’s a racer to do about that pesky turbo (supercharger) lag? After all, few things are more irritating than dropping the hammer and coming out of the hole like a slug; especially when you have sunk a ton of dough in a turbo or supercharger.

There are ways to squash that lag and turn your sled into a rocket. If you are a turbo guy (or girl), you can add a second smaller (lower RPM) turbo. That’ll kick your tail out of the hole like scalded dog but it is pricey and can propose space challenges. A more efficient method to overcome the lag- monster is by installing a shot of nitrous. This volatile accelerant requires a relatively small amount of space, it is simple to install, and it is easy to manipulate at the RPM level you desire.

This sixth generation Chevrolet Camaro has been outfitted with a 376 cubic-inch V8 engine (forged bottom-end). It is also running a Procharger F1A-94 (belt-driven supercharger) and a kit of nitrous (Nitrous Outlet). Fuel supply and air induction hardware are by Holley. This is a beast of a full on street car that can really get the job done on the track.

The team is going for a world record pass of 8.89-seconds today. Let’s take a look and see if they get there.

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