9-Second C7 ZR1 – Stock Motor Bolt-On Record Holder

May 2nd, 2019

At the risk of dating myself, I will tell you that the release of the movie “Corvette Summer” found a teenage version of myself in the local cinema; popcorn and soft drink in hand. The fact that actors played parts in the cult classic was of no consequence to me. The radically customized Corvette was the star and I shall never forget her. The ZR1 featured in this clip, while lacking the insane body mods, makes me think of a modernized version of the Corvette Summer car.

Coming at you from Street Car Takeover and being touted as the World Record Holder for a ZR1 with a stock engine (quarter-mile), the Total Performance Racing (TPR) team has outfitted this car with upper and lower pulley upgrades. It has a set of Kook’s Exhaust Headers on it (with open exhaust), an upgraded intake manifold, and high-performance tuning upgrades. Output is estimated at 823hp/gas and 913hp/race fuel.

After defeating a slick looking 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air and posting an elapsed time of 9.682-seconds @ 142.3 mph, the TPR ZR1 has managed to carve out a place in the record books.

A final pass of 9.67-seconds @ 141.9 mph just serves to push further into history.

With more modifications coming (camshaft and blower porting), we look forward to seeing how fast this innovative crew can go in the upcoming Corvette Summer.

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