825HP McLaren MP4-12C by EVOMS runs 9’s

May 14th, 2015

mclaren-mp4-12c-runs9sA McLaren MP4-12C with upgrades from EVOMS is the first McLaren to run 9’s in the 1/4 mile with a 9.9 @ 140.9 MPH at Firebird International Raceway in Arizona.   The modifications include a set of upgraded turbochargers, full exhaust, exhaust heat wraps, ECU tuning along with a set of drag radials.

ECU tuning also allowed for the MP4-12Cs launch control RPM to be raised from 3,100 RPM to 3,500 RPM to take advantage of the sticky tires and extra power off the line with 60′ times in the low 1.6x range.

On the dyno the car picked up over 200 horsepower to the wheels, with 710whp and 600+ ft-lbs of torque with more power expected as they continue to fine tune the car.  We expect to see mid 9’s from these McLaren’s with additional power and good weather conditions.

Check out the dyno graphs, pictures and videos below:


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