800HP MazdaSpeed6 – Street Hits

April 15th, 2019

With a built bottom end, all-wheel drivetrain, and a manual transmission, this MazdaSpeed6 is a turbocharged street rocket. The Precision 6466 turbo nets this sedan a capacity of approximately 800hp. Tonight, in Denver (Mexico), he will get a chance to use each and every one of these ponies in a roll racing showdown for the ages.

Also on hand is a 450hp Dodge (Mitsubishi) Colt. It has the stock engine with forged internals (4G63), front-wheel drivetrain, and a manual transmission. An 1,100hp ZR1 Corvette with a ported blower and a 150hp shot of nitrous. An 1,100 twin turbo Mustang is the camera car.

First pass of the evening is the Mazda against a 450hp Subaru. Nobody is expecting a Mazda with 800hp! In multiple hits, the Mazda ruins this guy’s night.

Next up, the Mazda tackles the Colt. Why? Again – multiple hits – and the Speed6 gaps the Dodge by a ridiculous amount FTW.

The V8 contingent comes into focus next. ZR1 ‘Vette versus a supercharged Gen VI Camaro. The ZR1 is just too much for the Camaro in numerous hits.

Lots more action on this clip – including some Corvette on Corvette action. Check it out.

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