800HP Chevy C10 vs. 900HP Caddy CTS-V – Street Hits

January 2nd, 2019

This must be typical night life in Mexico by now? Gather your fastest friends and take it to the streets for some high-powered roll (60 – 140 mph) racing. That’s good, clean fun and a dose of excitement to be enjoyed by all.

Tonight, we have a (square-body) Chevrolet C10 Shortbed pickup(800hp), with an LS engine and a heavy-duty 4L80E transmission taking on a couple of Cadillac coupes. The first is black with a methanol injection, a camshaft upgrade, and a full accoutrement of bolt-ons. The next Caddy is a pearl white coupe with a 2.3-liter Magnuson Heartbeat supercharger (upgrade). The cameraman makes this one his initial perch.

As the group rolls onto the freeway, it’s the Cadillacs that pair-off first. After multiple hits, it seems that the black CTS-V has a slight edge on the camera car.

The white Caddy takes on the C10 next. Although the pickup doesn’t look like much, it hangs in there against this heavily modified sports car and makes it a real race.

Next, an unsuspecting Nissan GT-R (mods unknown) rolls alongside the white Cadillac. The import is quickly left behind as it disappears from the frame – never to return.

After that a high-powered Camaro, with an LSA blower, and a nitrous Cadillac enter the fray. As the hour gets later, the racing action just gets hotter. Check it out!

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