8-Second Twin Turbo S10 Pickup – Drag Racing

October 9th, 2019

Burnt orange is a beautiful thing on an automobile. So is a big motor with a pair of turbochargers. This S10 pickup truck just happens to have both. Let’s take a closer look at this sweet ride.

The heart of this 8-second street monster is a forged 370-cubic inch LS engine (Trick Flow cylinder heads) with a pair of massive turbochargers. Holley fuel injection components and a Holley intake manifold are also on full display. On 24-pounds of boost, the truck produced 1,100hp to the rear wheels. It is (officially) a beast. This is a fairly new build and the crew are still working out the bugs. It has a ton of potential.

In the first pass, Orange Crush posts a 9.0-second pass @ 161 mpg and beats a Trans Am of similar hue. Pass number two is a bit better. It turns out to be a personal best of 8.28-seconds at 163 mph.

This weekend at Holley LS Fest was a great start on the journey to that ever elusive 7-second pass.

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