8-Second TT Classic Camaro

January 12th, 2018

Greetings drag racing fans and aficionados. Welcome to Street Car Takeover Tucson.

The object of our focus and affection today is a menacing 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. It possesses that perfect combination of a vintage appearance with a very modern level of performance. It simply has everything it takes to make it look like a muscle car but run like a rocket ship.

The body is all steel and it is pristine (except for a ton of rubber sprayed on the rear quarters). The stance is unique in this day of cars with a low center of gravity. It almost has the look of a gasser – quite refreshing.

The engine is a big block (525 cubic-inch) Chevy race motor with a pair of 80-millimeter turbochargers. It is mated to a Proglide transmission. This combination is good for approximately 1,500hp to the fat back tires.

Today, the Camaro is competing in dual classes; the Street Car Class and the Outlaw Class. This is a well prepared car but taking on multiple classes can prove to be very challenging.

This car posts consistent 8-second passes in the 170 – 175 mph range. After he wins back-to-back Class finals, he cheerfully indicates that he is off to compete is Cash Days (street racing south of the border). You gotta respect a guy who loves to race and is good at it.

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