8-Second Silverado – Strickly Business

July 26th, 2019

Greetings drag racing fans and gear heads of every variety. It’s time again for Rocky Mountain Race Week, a grueling contest that takes competitors on and off the drag strip to see who truly has the baddest street car in the world.

Featured in this installment are a father and son team and their capable Silverado “Strickly Business.”

Strickly business is equipped with a 376 cubic-inch Chevy LS engine and a pair of 76-millimeter turbochargers. It has posted a personal best of 8.19-seconds in the quarter-mile, but it don’t matter what you did before RMRW is a brand new game.

With an 8.5-second index, Pass One is 8.33-seconds @ 160 mph. That ain’t no darn good. Needs to be an 8.50 or above to count.

Pass Two shakes out to an 8.53-second run @ 160.2 mph. Much improved and good enough for second place (at the moment).

It’s Day 2 of RMRW and consistency is key in this event. First pass of the day is too quick at 8.35-seconds. Pass Two is a bit too slow at 8.65 but these guys are in it for the week.

Day 3 and the sun is shining. Unfortunately, the timer displays are not.

Day 4 and Strickly Business runs an 8.73 right out of the blocks. That’s good enough to register and there’s plenty of time left to post a better number.

It’s Day 5 and they’re back in Pueblo. A pass of 8.54-seconds @ 159 mph turns out to be the personal best of the day.

You really have to be a true competitor to put yourself and your car through this torture.

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