8-Second Mustang ZR1 LS Swap

June 11th, 2019

Is it a waste of a good Corvette engine? Is it a Gen IV Mustang gone rogue? The answer depends on which manufacturer camp you represent. Chevy purists hate it for the former and Ford loyalists despise it as the latter. Now, don’t get it twisted – when I cut myself, tiny little bowties ooze out – but I see this build from a practical standpoint, and it looks pretty sweet.

This “power couple” had the Mustang sitting around when a customer totaled their supercharged Corvette ZR1 with an LS9 mill between the fenders. Out came the blue oval cluster mouse and in went the 7.0-liter monster. It was complete with a blower porting treatment via Kong Performance. Engine management is all Pro EFI. Accelerated Racing Solutions built this Mustang and it is capable of planting 800hp to the rear tires. Let’s see how it runs.

Right out of the gate, the Corvstang takes the left lane, with a late model Camaro in the right. Both cars come out quickly, but the lady in the “hybrid” gets the advantage early. She throws up an 8.975-second pass @ 153.63 mph. Lots more drag racing, from Holley LS Fest West, on this one.

Both the Mustangs featured in this clip are built and campaigned by Accelerated Racing Solutions.

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