8-Second Ford Taurus – Hot Rod Drag Week

November 7th, 2018

Never seen a rear-wheel drive Taurus? How about an 8-second Taurus? I have never seen either one. Then again, I’ve never been to Estonia on the shores of Northern Europe. Andre Arnover, the owner of this 1972 Ford Taunus (not Taurus – thanks James) hails from this place whose native population is often mistaken for being Finnish or Polish.

As though the little Ford wasn’t strange-looking enough, the rear fenders have been widened to accept larger (275) racing slicks. The motor is all Ford (no LS swap for these crazy cats). It’s a 427-Windsor (small block) being force fed air via a pair of 71-millimeter turbochargers. All the body panels are steel except the hood and the car weighs 3,000-pounds (with Andre on-board).

He’s come all the long way from Estonia to Hot Rod Drag Week. Drag Week covers more than 1,000-miles of highway driving, along with five-days of racing on four tracks. As these friendly tourists are about to discover, the biggest challenge of Drag Week can be to finish.

2 Responses to “8-Second Ford Taurus – Hot Rod Drag Week”

  1. james pratt Says:

    This vehicle is a ford Taunus, not a Tuarus!

  2. stephend Says:

    You’re right. Thanks James.

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